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Your body is enough.

Progressive, structured, strength training programs in small group, one-on-one, and hybrid settings. 


YOU are welcome here. No matter your age, body size, skill level, or past experiences in the gym.


No diet-culture BS.

No judgment.

No guilt. 

Thanks for subscribing!

Many folks don't feel welcome in traditional fitness spaces.
Gentle Strength is different. 


Have expert coaching and programming that progressively builds strength and skills over time.

Refine and strengthen foundational movement patterns (squat, hinge, push, pull). 

Tap into your mind-body connection to understand how and when to modify movements to work for you. 


Increase bone density, prevent injury, build confidence, and feel stronger and more independent in your life!


You deserve to take up space at the gym. 

Hi, I'm Anne


I'm a middle-aged, mid-sized, mother, educator, public health worker, and certified personal trainer.

I'm tired of fitness fads that make you feel like you need to look a certain way, ignore your own instincts, or leave the gym feeling totally wrecked in order to be strong. 

I want to help you build serious strength while honoring and loving the body you have now. 


You know that strength training has so many benefits, but you aren’t sure where to start.

You want to lift weights, but you feel intimidated or out of place in other gym settings.

You’ve tried boot camps or HIIT workouts with weights, but you’d like to slow down, improve your form, and increase your strength. 

You have experience with strength training but are looking for structure, accountability, and a supportive group of people to get even stronger with.

You are returning to strength training or starting for the first time postpartum, post-injury, or later in life and are looking for personalized feedback and guidance to lift weights in a way that feels good in your current body.

You like to hike, run, garden, play pickleball/golf/softball, etc. and you want to improve your performance and avoid injury through strength training.


What Gentle Strength participants are saying:

"Gentle Strength has been an amazing program. I've learned so much and am amazed at what my body can do! I love that Gentle Strength emphasizes challenging yourself AND listening to your body. The separation from toxic diet culture is the icing on the cake. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to feel stronger without shame."

Get coaching to build serious strength in a setting that works for you.

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