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One-on-one support to meet your unique needs.

Personal training programs are fully customized to meet you where you are at. Whether you need a flexible schedule or specialized programming, I will work with you to design a program that works for you. 

Take the first step towards building strength!

“I'm about 6-months post major surgery, and Anne has helped met to get back into a regular work-out routine, build strength, and get excited about strength training again. I feel strong in my body and am aware of more different movements that I can incorporate into my training.”

~Mary Beth

Invest in yourself

You deserve the time and attention you need to feel strong and comfortable in your body. Whether it is for a few months or a few years, one-on-one coaching can help you learn how your body works and how to build and maintain strength in a way that works for you. 

The details


Personal training is for individuals looking for a fully customized and one-on-one approach to strength training. 


The F.I.T. Lab

576 Front Ave, St Paul, MN 55117

The F.I.T. Lab is a small, independent, Black-owned, neighborhood gym. 


Personal training schedules vary based on your needs and my availability. Apply below to discuss a schedule that will work for you. 


During our first sessions, I will learn more about your goals, lifestyle, and physical needs. Using that information, I will develop a strength program just for you with the frequency, equipment, and movements that fit your body and your life. 

Many personal training clients opt for a 'hybrid' schedule, where we meet in person either weekly or monthly and they also complete workouts on their own in between, either at home or at another facility. I will check in with you via email or phone at regular intervals to give feedback and make adjustments.


Single 50-minute session: $100

Hybrid 1x Week in-person + online workouts: $500/month. 

Hybrid 1x Month in-person + online workouts: $200/month

It's time to develop a strength routine that will fit your body and life.

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