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Backyard Workout Club

Take care of YOU this summer.

Summers fly by so fast!
You are busy coordinating summer camps, work schedules, vacations, seeing friends, and trying to make the most of every sunny day. 
Where do you fit in?

If you don't have a plan, its easy to end up 

putting yourself and your workouts last on the agenda,

wasting time searching and deciding what to do,

feeling overwhelmed,




and depleted.

Let me help you take care of you this summer.

In my Backyard Workout Club, I'll give you:

  • A plan. A simple and consistent strength training routine you don't have to think about. 

  • Time. Be with your body and show it some love twice a week for just 30 minutes. 

  • An opportunity to make an intentional commitment to yourself. Make the decision to invest in your mental and physical health this summer.

"Anne has a gift for bringing a gentle energy and flow to strength training. She gives so much variation and flexibility in the programming that anyone of any fitness level will find it accessible and be motivated to keep going."

~ Robin

Saying yes to a regular strength training routine this summer is saying yes to

Confidence and energy to tackle your favorite summer activities and adventures.

Regular deposits for your future self - stronger bones, improved balance, and mobility as you age.

Comfort and trust in your body just as it is today.

The details


Backyard Workout Club members are:

  • Looking for a fun and flexible way to fit strength training into their life.

  • Beginners to more intermediate lifters who are comfortable completing workouts at home (with help from clear programming and video demonstrations.)

  • Individuals who want to find a relationship to movement and exercise that is NOT rooted in diets and weight loss.


Two 20-30 minute strength and mobility workouts delivered to you via a custom app each week.

Connection to a community of like-minded folks looking to build strength at home with a focus on caring for your body without diet-culture nonsense.


You'll be invited to join our private Facebook group where I will share movement tips and you can ask questions and connect with others. 

Sample workout structure:

  • Dynamic warm-up with muscle activation and mobility (5min)

  • Circuits of 2-4 strength and conditioning movements  (15-20min)

    • Lower body: squat, hinge, and lunge variations

    • Upper body: push/press and row/pull variations

    • Core strengthening including resistance bands and body weight movements

You will need:

  • Dumbells or kettlebells: A lighter set that you are comfortable lifting overhead and a heavier set for lower body movements.

  • A large loop resistance band (like this one) and something to anchor it to (a post, tree branch, table leg, or your heaviest weight can all work)


Starting as soon as you join, you'll receive two workouts every Sunday to complete at your own pace throughout the week. 


$60 for 10 weeks of workouts.

Feel strong and cared for in your body this summer.

"Anne's focus on functional fitness, reasonable expectations and empowerment has been exactly what I needed to feel comfortable getting back into a strength routine. Anne is really knowledgeable about why she chooses the movements she does, and is proactive about recommending modifications to alleviate discomfort or accommodate injuries/preferences. Anne's programs really quieted any concerns I had about being too far behind or not capable of improving, and I'm so happy to be back in a place where I'm feeling strong and capable again."

~ Chelsea


Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Anne (She/Her). I've spent most of my career researching education and public health initiatives, but I was ready to get away from data and spreadsheets and have an impact on people in real life. 

I believe that strength training is one of the best things you can do for your overall well-being and quality of life. AND lifting weights can be really fun, especially in a community of kind and supportive people. 

I became a NASM-certified personal trainer and founded Gentle Strength because I want strength training to be more accessible to everyone, regardless of age, body size, past experience, or gender identity.

I get that not everyone has the time or interest to get to the gym multiple times a week and I hope that the Backyard Workout Club will provide an accessible and fun entry point to strength training at home this summer!

  • I'm a beginner / have a chronic condition / am recently post-partum - Will I be able to do the workouts?
    All the the movements in my programs include several variations to accommodate differences in our bodies. My goal is always to help you find movement that feels right to you, right now. To participate in the small group program, you should be able to get up and down from the floor independently. If you cannot, Strength For Life semi-private training may be a better fit for you. Current Gentle Strength participants include people who have arthritis, diabetes, oesteopena, and other chonic conditions or past injuries. Strength training has been shown to help improve these and many other conditions. If you have injuries, chronic conditions, or are recently post-partum, you should obtain clearance from a medical provider before starting this, or any other excersize program.
  • I have experience strength training, will the programs be too easy?
    Probably not. We will focus on foundational movement patterns that are the pillars of strength training at any level. You can always add more weight, more reps, or choose a more challenging variation of the movement. That said, we won't be doing very technical lifts like olymic barbell movements (snatch, clean and jerk). The workouts are designed to maintain and improve functional strength for everyday life and casual athletic activities.
  • Will strength training make me bulky?
    Gentle Strength programming is designed to make you feel strong and independent in your body, not for a particular aesthetic. As far as concerns about getting 'bulky', this article covers a lot of the complexity involved in building muscle mass. I can't predict exactly how this program might (or might not) change your physical appearance, but I hope by the end of this program you feel super proud of your hard earned strength and everything that your body can do!
  • What are your COVID/Illness Protocols?
    We’re all in this to feel strong and healthy in our bodies - the last thing I want it to spread any illnesses around! I hope we can all be cautious and respectful to reduce risk of illness. These are some guidelines for us to follow, please let me know if you aren’t comfortable with this or have suggested changes: Participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In-person classes will be capped at 8-9 participants and we will usually have the entire FIT Lab facility to ourselves (occasionally other personal trainers will be around with 1-on-1 clients). Use courteous gym hygiene - wash hands, wipe off equipment promptly, be aware of others’ space. Masks are not required, but are welcome. If you have any symptoms (congestion, fever, headache, etc), please stay home, rest, and take a COVID test. Once you are feeling well enough to workout and have tested negative, you can return to class. If you have been in close contact with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive, please wear a mask to class for at least 5 days after contact and test for COVID. If you get COVID (or any illness really!), stay home from class until you are feeling fully well and testing negative.
  • What if I miss a class?
    While I hope this program helps participants to get in the groove of a consistent strength practice, I know that life is unpredictable and things will come up (see above!). I’m here to help you keep moving in whatever way works best for you. I will offer a few options for missed classes: I can provide a programmed-for-you at-home workout with whatever equipment you have available (including bodyweight). I will schedule a monthly open gym session on a weekend date that you can attend to get in the workout you missed.
  • What if you have to cancel a class?
    This is a one-woman operation and I, unfortunately, do not have substitute coaches available at this time. If I have to cancel a class, I’ll send everyone an at-home workout option. If I need to cancel more than two classes during the program session, I will do my best to schedule a make-up session at a time that works for as many participants as possible. If the make-up session doesn’t work for you, I can apply the cost of the class toward a discounted personal training session.
  • Are your programs refundable?
    If after the first week of a program, you decide it is not a good fit for you, I will provide a 90% refund. After the first week, the program is not refundable. If you experience an unforseen illness or injury that prevents you from completing 4 or more weeks of the program, I will apply the cost of the missed sessions to future training once you have recovered.
  • What do I need to bring/wear for in-person classes?
    The FIT Lab has all the equipment we will need for class, no need to bring any. Bring a small notebook or your phone to track your workouts. Writing down your reps and weights is helpful to see your progress and plan future workouts. Bring a water bottle. Wear comfy workout clothes you feel good in. Shoes: I prefer to wear minimal/barefoot style shoes while lifting weights, but any type of athletic shoes will work just fine.
  • Can I just drop in for a class or two?
    No. These are multi-week programs structured to progress over time in response to the individuals in the group. My goal is to build a sense of trust, comfort, and community among a consistent small group of people.
  • Do you have payment plan options or discounts?
    If you are unable to pay the full cost of a program up front, please contact me and we can discuss options.
  • What equipment will I need for home workouts?
    At least two sizes of dumbbells or kettlebells, one lighter, one medium/heavy A longer resistance band (like this one) and something stable to anchor it to
  • Do I have to commit to one time slot?
    I ask that participants commit to primarily attending one time-slot. This helps to build community and trust within each small group. However, there is some flexiblity if things come up and you need to switch class times occasionally. Just contact me beforehand to confirm that there will be space.
  • Does The FIT Lab have lockers or showers?
    Unfortunately there is not a locker room or showers at The FIT Lab. There are restrooms you can use to change (located down a flight of stairs), and there is a shelf to store your belongings whithin view during sessions.
  • Does The FIT Lab require a membership or offer open gym times?
    The FIT Lab does not require any membership fees outside of specific program costs. Currently, there is no open gym time at The FIT Lab, however, I will schedule monthly weekend open gym times just for my clients. The space is used primarily by personal trainers. You can find out more about other trainers who use this space on their website here:

Still have questions?

Contact me to learn more or discuss training options.

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